abandoned dream home - no parkingEvery time we hear about glass, it makes us think of windows, but having glass stairs at home will give us a good reason to feel that we live in a palace.

And the decorative contribution it can provide us a laminated glass staircase connecting the first floor to the top of the house is fabulous, visually speaking.

And will definitely be the focal point for those who visit our house or apartment building, even if it is located next to the living as commonly found many of them.

The truth is that it seems totally inappropriate to place a glass staircase in an element that will support both transit of people on it, however, the thickness of the laminated glass will allow that feeling of fragility disappears.

These ladders are manufactured keeping several sheets in its structure, the same as will including sheets of polyvinyl butyral (PVB), which will give you the necessary resistance to the demands of their role, but still, if they were to break, plastic films will adhere themselves resulting pieces of glass.  A qualified construction company can install everything necessary.

This gives a special value added referring to the issue of security and peace of mind which can enjoy to use it at home, even when she lives with her children and even when it is transiting quite fluid.

Where I do we set ourselves before installing it, is the style you have at home and see if it is combined with glass staircase, since otherwise, taking a ladder that clashes with the environment, the only thing we get is we waste our investment in a decorative disaster.