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How to clean a washing machine drain

The machine begins to empty and suddenly hear the sound of moving water and the soil is moistened in seconds. After turning off the machine, you see water drain out of the unit. Are you familiar? The drain pipe may be clogged by pieces of cloth, coins and other remains. A slow drain can make your clothes smell bad. Follow a few steps to empty and clean the drain in your washing machine.

You will need

  • A drill pipe (snake)
  • A screwdriver
  • Pliers
  • A staircase
  • Scrub brush
  • A cube
  • Bleach


Clean the drain hose

  1. To completely remove any jam in the dishwasher drain, you will use a drill pipe (snake). Begins at the top opening of the pipe and releasing the wire 10 or about 15 feet past the jam. If there is a jam, the snake will remove pieces of debris. Get them out of the top of the opening and throw.
  2. Remove the drain hose from the back of the washer. Is usually fastened with a clamp or a pair of screws. When there is a jam in the drain, pieces of debris may be deposited in the hose, causing blockages and odors.
  3. Dip the drain hose in a bucket of hot water with a cup of bleach. Show that is free of obstructions. Spend a small piece of coat hanger through the hose to remove the hard remains.
  4. Replace the drain hose using a screwdriver or pliers. Insert the drain hose into the washer. Make sure it is placed directly into the drain opening.
  5. Make a cycle of the washer with hot water and two tablespoons of bleach. The bleach will help remove the particles that cause odor in the washer and drain hose. Ask the washer then a cycle will help remove debris jam the sewer line.

Tips and Warnings

  • Follow the instructions in the drill pipe.
  • Unplug the washer before beginning work with the hose. Put on eye protection if you’ll be near a plugged drain. Chemicals and waste could splash into your eyes.