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How to clean water stripper in an air conditioned

Many units have central air conditioning drain line that removes water from the system and drains outside the building. The strainer may become clogged over time with algae and other debris, which will prevent the condensation to drain. To prevent this, clean the drain line regularly to keep it free of obstructions or accumulations. Clean water stripper in an air conditioner requires some basic supplies and a minimal amount of time.

You will need

  • A vacuum cleaner
  • A funnel
  • Bleach


  1. Adhering one end of a vacuum cleaner to the external drain line. The vacuum can suck both wet and dry debris, making them ideal for this type of work. Remove the filter paper from the vacuum to prevent damage.
  2. Turn on the vacuum cleaner to suck algae or other debris that could be interfering with the operation of the wiper. You only need five or six minutes of suction you remove most obstructions.
  3. Place a funnel into the access hole of the drain line inside the house. You’ll find that between the capacitors and the wall coming out the drain line.
  4. Pour a cup of bleach into the funnel. Flow through the wringer and kill the remnants of algae or mold and help maintain clear access.