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How to convert hard water into soft water

There are several ways to treat your hard water to make it soft water. Hard water has a high content of dissolved minerals, which are calcium and magnesium. Many people take the hard water used for cooking and bathing, but the minerals can build up in faucets and prevent the soap and / or detergent do their job properly. There are various types of water softening systems, but make sure to choose one that does the most environmentally responsible way possible and healthy.

You will need

  • A water conditioner


  1. Select a conditioner. Both water conditioners that are based on sales not as they are, will allow you to soften it. These devices are placed on the outside of pipes and convert hard water into soft to create a magnetic field. This process alters ions cause water to prevent tartar. Water conditioners prevent lime to form, improve the efficiency of soap retained calcium and increase heating efficiency.
  2. Buy a water conditioner. ClearwaterGMX, Vibrant Water Magnetec and sell these devices in the “free version salts “online.
  3. Install water conditioner. Each conditioner should be installed according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Most of these units are placed on the outside of pipes and do not need to be installed by a plumber or other specialist. They may be placed in pipes for hot or cold water, copper or plastic, curved or straight. The water begins to soften immediately, and over time, the deposits accumulated in the pipes begin to disintegrate.

Tips and Warnings

  • Water conditioners require no maintenance.