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Tips to save on room decor

We know that the room is the first place they see our visits every time they come to our house and stay that reflects the personality of our home, therefore, is that we are constantly trying to keep it to give renewed freshness and warmth that we want provide.

But of course I constantly redecorate the room can be quite expensive if you do not consider some alternatives that do not cost a lot and give us the desired results.

A good option is to search through the antiques we have forgotten in the trunk, some that we rescue and then restore them, put them in the rooms of our house, but the styles are different, because now these resources are used in the decoration, i.e., combining modern and ancient ornaments decorations.

For example, we speak of an old record player or watch an old phone or a typewriter, and so things like that. You can also take an old chair, upholstered and send her place as an ornament in the room or in the living room.

Other things that can also be used, is to use several pillows, to which we can go about doing them alternating different covers to go during the week, and in this way have varied environments.

A good option is to gather all the glassware we have at home and we did not use, whether they be vases, jars, vases, candle holders, etc. and they put together a concept decorative only have in common the material elements. The same you can do with other objects of different materials.

The wallpaper Unused you, or have left over to friends, you can serve to place them inside the frames of small boxes and place to beautify and give variety to your walls. Similarly you can dip into tiny mirrors to build a design on a sideboard.

The lighting change is also a valid option when it comes to renew your room decor.