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Using bamboo fence rolls to cover a wall

To give an exotic touch to a room, use bamboo fence rolls instead of wallpaper to cover a wall. It is a lightweight material and installation procedure is simpler than the wallpaper. You will not have to deal with the mess created by the pulp nor rebels rolls. Another great advantage is that the bamboo fence is much less expensive than conventional wall coverings. In the end, you’ll have a natural wall that will give your space a touch of nature and tropical climates. Bamboo fences as wall cladding can give life to a living room, basement or bedroom, and may improve decoration with tropical theme.


  1. Measure the wall you want to cover. Purchase enough bamboo fence roll to cover the desired area. The bamboo fence will be placed vertically, so you buy enough to cover the required space.
  2. Displays rolls bamboo fence and extend them to lie flat. Cut bamboo to the desired size with sharp pruning shears. Since bamboo is a plant, pruning shears are suitable for cutting. In addition, the cable-caliber used to keep the bamboo together also can easily be cut with secateurs.
  3. Ask a friend to hold the bamboo fence against the wall you want to cover. Secure it using a staple gun. Staples placed at a distance between 10 and 12 inches (25.4 to 30.5 cm) columns, starting at one end of the fence. The columns of staples should be at a distance of 3 feet (91 cm) away. If it feels loose between the columns, simply add more staples. If light enough, you can use viscous glue to secure it on the wall. Moreover, if done with thick reeds, you may need to install strips of wood spaced wooden rods and screw the strips. Make test holes and uses high-strength bolts.
  4. You can give finish to the bamboo fence with quarter round in the part where it touches the floor. Also you can give finish to the top of the fence with half torus molding. Apply a tint of contrasting color on the molding before installing it to give an interesting look to match the decor of the room; you can even frame each bamboo panels that make up the fence after hanging, using half torus molding. This looks good in a large room like a basement, because it gives a more welcoming appearance.

Tips & Warnings

  • Use bamboo fence as paneling, leaving the top of the wall u