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What is the right mix concrete for a patio

Concrete can be mixed in many ways depending on what you want to use. For example, it can be used as a mortar or grout to fill the joints between bricks, blocks, stones and others. The type of mix you use for your backyard depends on whether you are installing pavers, stone slabs, tiles or the collars shaped slab.

For tiles and pavers

If you are installing any type of tile or cobblestone your yard will need to use an adhesive mortar in thin layer, which is a special cement mixture that also includes polymers elasticity helps pavers or patio tiles to withstand the elements. A creamy mixture of water, sand, cement, polymers and other additives are mixed together to create a thin layer adhesive mortar.

For flagstones

Installing stone slabs in the courtyard is a difficult manual task, but the end result is a facility that will last for years. Usually a specialized clay mixture which is composed of four parts sand, one part cement and sufficient to create a damp but no water liquid mixture is used. The wet concrete is compacted in bases layer on which are installed and then tamped slabs with a layer of grout on the back of the stone.

For slurries

Slurries mixed in a slightly different mortars thin layer way but the results are the same? They are intended to be mixed so that the cement, water, polymers and color pigments are combined in a thick, creamy mixture is then used to fill the joints between the stones paving stone, tile and stone slabs. The exact amount depends on the grout manufacturer.

Liquid mud

If you are straining your flagstone patio you can order a mixture of liquid clay to a local manufacturer of concrete or you can mix it on your own. This is similar to the mud used to mix stone slabs, but more water is added to create a version of pouring consistency of thick cake dough. Once poured in place is scattered with tools until it is level and smooth; then it is left to dry for several days. Later you have a concrete patio that will last for many years.