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What is the stronger and more resistant to the bathroom floor

When you choose a material for the floor of the kitchen, there are several qualities you should consider. The floor bath should be resistant to water and stains, durable and easy to clean. You should also consider combining the aesthetics you want to create in your bathroom. Concrete, stone tiles and pottery are some of the best materials for the bathroom floor which are strong and resistant to stains. Cork is also a good alternative if you want to have a wooden floor or a floor feel softer underfoot.


Concrete is one of the best options for the bathroom floor, particularly for builders and decorators seeking a contemporary look in the bathroom design. Concrete is available in tiles or like materials for pouring. Concrete sealing properly is incredibly strong and resistant to stains, water, growth of bacteria and allergens. Concrete can be stained to match different decors. There are concrete floor options for many different budgets and it works well with radiant heat systems and radiant floors.

Stone tile

An elegant for the bathroom floor option that has many of the same qualities of concrete is stone tile. When installed and sealed properly, it is as strong as waterproof. The granite stone tile is particularly durable and will not scratch or splinter easily as ceramic tile. Other stone tile options, such as marble, limestone or travertine are not as durable as granite but are, however, good choices for the bathroom floor.

Ceramic tile

Ceramic tile provides you with many of the qualities of concrete and stone tiles are more colorful and decorative options, which include the creation of mosaics. The cost of installing ceramic tile is less than the stone or concrete and is relatively easier to clean and maintain. A disadvantage is that ceramic tile can be scratched or chipped, so ordering extra tiles to replace them easily. Ceramic tiles can be slippery and requires special sealing grout to make cleaning easy.


Unlike other wood floors, cork is a material that is ecological floor surprisingly useful for the bathrooms. Available in different veins and designs, cork can add a natural look to the bathroom decor. Although less water resistant than concrete, stone and ceramics, has natural properties against microbes and when cared for properly, suffer few problems related to water damage. Cork is softer and warmer than the concrete, stone and ceramics and is much less slippery, besides being a natural insulator and absorb sound.