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What tools use interior designers

Artistic ability, sense of color, and creativity are some of the intangible tools and interior decorator. Equally important are the actual tools used by designers, i.e. the tools of the trade.

Drawing tools

The drawing tools for sketching designs for rooms and plans include a pencil, ruler, compass, protractor and graph paper. The program design by computer (CAD) becomes the first sketches and measurements in a flat 3-D for the designer and the customer.

Color wheel

In the wheel color relationships of primary, secondary and tertiary colors shown. The wheel helps designers create pleasing color schemes based on a combination of complementary and analogous colors.

Color chart

Paint manufacturers produce sets of cards or strips of paint colors for each of your lines. Interior designers use these swatches to select colors of the rooms and coordinate paint colors on canvas, furniture and accessories.


As paint manufacturers, companies offer web designers and sample books to promote new product lines. Small samples streamline the selection of fabrics. These tools also help the designer in developing the color palette of a room.

Tape measure

Interior designers make use of tape measures to check and calculate the dimensions of the interior spaces and furniture. The rigid strips used to measure straight lengths, while fabric ribbons calculated curves and angled surfaces.

Digital camera

Digital cameras create a visual record of workstations, furniture and accessories. Interior designers can download the photos in CAD programs and integrate them into the design plans.