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Wind resistance home improvement

Florida owners know the challenges they face when strong winds hurt their homes. To help protect their homes, the state of Florida has created a series of grant programs designed to help homeowners make wind-resistant improvements. Grants are given money to people who are eligible to participate in the program without expectation of repayment.

Mobile mooring house program

The state of Florida has allocated about $ 2.8 million in grant money to educate mobile homeowners on techniques to stabilize and protect their prefabricated homes from high winds. This grant money is going to be used to equip mobile homes with a mooring system that uses a lateral foundation system with a stabilizing floor plate.

Low to moderate re-equipment income

This grant provides money for low to moderate income families who qualify for the general rehabilitation of their homes to help mitigate damage caused by hurricanes and strong winds. This grant is to help those families who cannot otherwise benefit from the insurance. The funds are dispersed to cities and municipalities which in turn manage the distribution of subsidies to homeowners.

Grant program for risk mitigation

This donation is part of the Robert T. Stafford Relief and Emergency Assistance Act, which provides money to homeowners whose homes have already suffered damage from high winds. The grant money is going to be used to repair and mitigate any future damage to their homes. The objective is to provide grant money to areas of Florida that have already been identified as high risk of strong structural wind damage.