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The shower screens, an important decision – Part 1

It is very important to be vigilant when choosing shower screens, it is a decision of great importance that will allow us to beautify our bathroom plus lend greater functionality. Immediately put a screen this becomes the focus of our bathroom. In this article we will give you some tips on shower screens so you know choose the most appropriate to the specific situation of your home screen.

Increasingly sought shower screens. The type gym showers, with large, shallow dishes or ceramic floors are the most demanded in the market, and in any decorating magazine see if they are what takes over in vanguard environments looking to stay on top of good taste and sophistication.

How to escape the humidity? The moisture from the shower or bath in the rest of the room is extremely unsightly and must fight. It is usually advised to use curtains to avoid this inconvenience, but eventually, inevitably left the bathroom after cleaning is done. Also, always keep the blinds clean is a job impossible, we do not have enough time, and often lack the versatility that we want to match our decor so we end up hating them.

For all the above is that the market today offers new solutions, in this case the bath or shower screens as an option overcomes these drawbacks. The shower screens are transparent or translucent materials such as glass, acrylic panels or tempered glass panels which offer superior strength and a lower risk of accidents.

The visible profiling for shower screens are important and can choose between two types of metal: aluminum or stainless steel. The first is cheap and can be in Chrome (newest option), matte or lacquered. Stainless steel is more noble, strong, elegant and sophisticated, and always comes in chrome finish.

A very interesting option that is increasingly in vogue are the screens without profiling, simply made with glass panels joined together and assembled to the walls and the floor with almost invisible profiles. These screens provide a look of the most modern and stylish, and are visually lighter generating the feeling of space that can be of great help if you do not have a significant bath dimensions.

There are basically two options to choose panels: acrylic and tempered glass. The acrylic panels are cheaper; they are not really glass but a polymer (plastic) hard and tough, cheaper than glass and more durable. The tempered glass is more expensive, but also much more solid and elegant. They may have a thickness of 6, 8 or 10 mm depending on the model of the screen, and the possibility of choosing them in colorless crystal, engraved with different designs or colored.

Finally we have to choose the type of door opening, which is essential to keep in mind, if the screen leads. There are models that only consist of fixed panels, with an opening to enter or leave the area of ​​the shower or bathtub. Doors or removable panels can be hinged (hinged and opening to the outside, there are also models that open inward and outward), sliding or sliding (the best choice for bathrooms with limited space) and mobile panels (which both slide left and right and cross each other).