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How to install a central air conditioning and heating

The air conditioning and central heating were once a luxury, but are now a necessity for many people. With climate change in recent years, there have been ups and downs outside temperatures corresponding seasons. To be comfortable in your home you need to have central air conditioning and heating installed. Always the best option is to hire a professional contractor licensed and trained to install the unit. But it is a job that you can do yourself with the knowledge and right tools. This article will give you step by step detailed instructions to install central air conditioning and heating.

You will need

  • Central air conditioning and heating
  • Thermostat (if the unit does not come with one)
  • Screwdriver
  • Spanner
  • Plastic Base
  • Putty
  • Tubes


  1. Plan the work well. This is a very important step and should be taken into account to identify all the available space. Check if you have space available in each of the environments that plan will be connected to the unit.
  2. Install the air handling unit. This part I will detail in the manufacturer’s instructions, so pay close attention. The air handling unit should be installed in the basement. Make sure to drain the condensed water is in lugar.Aseg├║rate not install next to a concrete wall.
  3. Install the tubes, which must start from the air handling unit. Be sure to pass out of the house and away from the foundation.
  4. Cut the power to the house.
  5. Install the compressor. Make sure it is away from the foundation or shrubs at least 12 inches. Supports the plastic base on level ground. Now supports the compressor above the plastic base.
  6. Make holes in the outer wall. Spend the cooling tube and the tube hole with power lines on the other. Fill any remaining hole near the putty, strong enough to block any leakage or tube movement.
  7. Connect the compressor and the air handling unit to the mains.
  8. Install the panel to a wall thermostat. You must pierce the wall for it. Nail the thermostat to the wall with screws that come with it you. Connect the thermostat to electric current.
  9. Re-activate the electricity moving the main electrical breaker box in your house.
  10. Check all parts of the unit to make sure everything is properly connected. Please review the instructions again to make sure you did not skip any steps.
  11. Adjust the thermostat to test the unit. First turn on the air conditioning, heating then.

Tips and Warnings

  • Maybe precises sub panel to tailor your electrical system to the needs of the central air conditioning and heating. When heating clothes for the first time, you can smell maybe a little burnt, but this is normal. If you see smoke or smell is very strong, cut the electricity and check the unit.
  • An electrician should check your central electrical system to ensure it can withstand the load required for a central air conditioning and heating. It is very dangerous to connect the unit and turn it on without someone has checked this first.