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Tips for decorating the baby’s room on a budget

The arrival of a baby not only brings joy to a home. It also brings a number of new spending, and it is important to learn from the beginning to organize them so that these costs are not out of control. What better place to start than the new room we want to design for the smallest member of your family.

Do not have to spend a fortune to create a wonderful time for your baby and fun environment. Here are some tips on how to decorate a baby’s room on a budget.

* The most important time to start decorating the nursery thing is undoubtedly SAFETY. You should review all safety rules before you buy or borrow furniture for the baby room.

* Use all second hand items as you can get, especially for items like stroller first, a walker or a baby bath. Find deals in thrift stores, classified ads in local newspapers and online shopping site, eBay or better if you live on the website Latin America. Note that the first articles of a newborn are rarely used for more than a few months, so that the general condition is good although several children have gone through before.

* If buying new furniture, choose those that will remain useful as the baby grows. Do not buy furniture only “baby” for so to continue for at least the first 5 years of age. Buy according to your lifestyle. If you travel a lot, you might consider buying a travel cot that can be easily removed and placed in a suitcase or bag. They are cheaper than wood cribs, and often happier and original. It is better to invest your money in a good bed in a good birth, as happened many more years in the latter.

* Choose colors for the room to match the colors of toys. Then the toys will become part of the decor itself!

* Do the work yourself. Buy second-hand furniture and then paint them with bright colors and symmetrical forms. Buy fun fabric and make curtains, quilts and colorful cushions. Paint the walls.

* Choose a paint color for walls as to “grow” with the child. Pink or blue colors for babies are adorable, but perhaps are not for small children, both 4 and 5 years.

* Use baskets, drawers and shelves instead of cabinets, storage for toys, clothes and other essentials.

* If you need more storage space, you can put shelves on the walls or invest in an easy to assemble kit as sold in specialty stores.

* The best source of ideas for saving will be the experiences of other mothers who were in your place. Everyone will be happy to share their ideas and elements they are no longer needed. Your baby will know them enjoy.